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  • The new AirForce™ 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor features an inverter design that is both lightweight and powerful. The new XT series torch and longer life XT tips and electrodes provide added performance to an already exceptional plasma cutter. The unit features a built-in compressor for total portability and low system cost. Cuts mild steel up to 1/4in. thick using standard household current. The new XT12R torch is more comfortable, efficient and economical. Plasma cutters cut faster and more precisely with a thinner kerf and less slag than cutting with oxy fuel. A smaller heat-affected zone also causes less warping. And you'll never have gas pressure settings, flame tuning, metal preheating, or gas cylinders or refills to worry about.
    • Inverter design gives you powerful cutting ability at half the weight of prior models
    • Complete cutting capability when powered by an engine-driven welder or generator with a 240V generator power outlet of 6 KW or more
    • New Ergonomic XT30R torch is more efficient and comfortable with an ergonomic handle and cables that are extra flexible, more efficient cooling, includes economical new XT replacement cutting tips for longer life, and is easier to deal with than oxy fuel cylinders
    • Post-flow air cooling cools the torch and tip after cutting, extending life of replaceable tip and electrode
    • Fan on-demand runs only when needed, reducing dust/debris pulled into unit
    • Amperage output: 25–140; 20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps, 19V
    • All new industrial cast aluminum drive system replaces the old drive system to add exceptional strength and durability for even more dependability
    • 5-position voltage control selector adds a smooth, stable arc at all welding thicknesses
    • The new and improved heavy-duty ground clamp is made from thicker material, offering improved contact points and a wider jaw opening
    • Built-in contactor and self-resetting thermal overload protection
    The Hobart Handler® 140 Flux-Core/MIG Welder is a compact wire-feed MIG welder designed to run on 115V household power. The generous operating parameters allow you to weld thin gauge steel (24-ga.) up to 1/4in. steel plate. The Handler 140 is easy to set up and runs flux core steel, solid and aluminum wire. Plus it is extremely versatile and perfect for the welder who wants to work on auto body, household repairs, or even heavier farm projects requiring extra power. This tapped voltage unit gives you the best possible power and arc available while welding. And with a powerful lineup of new and upgraded features, you can expect more performance than ever before! Comes ready to weld with or without shielding gas; no additional kits are required. Features Hobart 5/3/1 limited warranty.
    • Powerful and Professional ResultsOperates on either 115V or 230V with included Multi-Voltage Plug
    • Output range of 25–140A using 115V input and Output range of 25–210A using 230V input
    • 30% duty cycle at 150 amps
    • Welds 24 ga. to 3/8 in. steel in a single pass Loaded with Features
    • 7 voltage selections (230V), 4 voltage selections (115V), enhanced magnetics and infinite wire feed speed control offers easier fine control for improved arc performance with less spatter for a better bead appearance and less cleanup